Saturday, February 07, 2009

More of the Same

sun and snow3

I got nothin'.

sun and snow

I have been mounting samples for the dyebooks, shipping off boxes to Deb, and generally drifting along with no new projects. It feels good to get pages done; the books are very close to finished and able to be shipped.

If, by the way, you think your name is on the waiting list for these books, email Deb. We've been contacting people, and several emails have bounced back as undeliverable. We would not want to miss you. It has taken us a while (6 years? yikes!) to complete all of the dyeing and mounting.

I do think about blog posts while I work away (is that any consolation Patricia?).

I think about color, and passion for the work we do versus the discipline it takes to get the work done. Sometimes it turns into an ugly rant in my head, and I realize it's better just to think about this stuff, rather than blog the whole thought process.

There are people who say they are passionate weavers, knitters spinners or dyers, whatever, but never get anything really done (like me, these days).

We all have and need fallow periods, and from that contemplative time the light comes on, we find the fire needed to create, and ultimately, start anew.

sun and snow2

There is sampling, swatching, scribbling in the notebook, gestating. It seems to me that one step leads to another, that to get new work out, I have to start in, sometimes work through several false starts before the idea coalesces.

This means there are sometimes failures, sometimes re-directs, sometimes work that is not stellar. But the light eventually dawns. I don't see any other way except to start in. How can we call ourselves passionate about this stuff and yet never get any work done?

You see, navel gazing. Some things should be left unsaid (and yet, I say them, heh). I'll shut up now, and perhaps listen to your ideas?

Thursday, February 05, 2009

You Can't Make This Stuff Up


sailor's delight4
Fiber dyed by Yarn Chef


Fiber dyed by me :).


Fiber from Fire Lizard Studios

Sometimes, when you download your photos, there is color serendipity. As always, click for big. Enjoy!