Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's a Funny Life

I met a friend for lunch this week, which we do at least once a year. I got to the restaurant about 10 minutes early, and told the hostess I was meeting someone. She replied that a woman was just in, looking for a friend, and what did my friend look like? "My height, my age, brown hair" was my reply. Nope, she said, not the same woman.

I was seated, and soon my friend arrived. The hostess (all of 23 years old) was confused. We were speaking of the same woman. But her hair is grey. I am living 30 years in the past.

Last night while sitting in the hot tub admiring the stars, I heard this undercurrent of noise that I had a hard time identifying. Frogs! Many peeping frogs, looking for a mate. They think it's spring, about six weeks early! Our sunny warm winter has confused them. I hope they are not all taken out by frost and snow, but I hope too that we have some frost and snow sometime during what should be winter.

And last, this is the twill sample causing comment:
twill 003

Edited to add
Woke up this morning to a dusting of snow:
snow 003
poor froggies!

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Things I Forget

What I am making does not have to be The Best Thing Ever.

If I don't like it, or it does not work, I Can Make More.

Making is the Fun Part, having is not the Fun Part, Having Made Something Nice is Fun, but then I just turn around and make something else (nice or otherwise).

yarn 018

It's yarn. Yes, it's also time, and maybe money, but really? Nobody dies. Don't sweat the small stuff.