Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Actual Weaving Content

I know, for a weaving blog there has been a veritable dearth of weaving here lately. In my defense, hey! it's summer! It's hot! And yes, I've been gone, away from the loom, for thirteen of the last thirteen days. As in: Left The House.

This is unusual for me. I can usually be counted on to Be Here. I can Not Leave the house for days, weeks, even. When I grocery shop, I plan for many days' meals, just so I can stay home for great lengths of time. If I need them, I can Call For Ingredients, to the person who actually goes out to work.

And, to top it all off: I'm leaving again today. Maybe twice (if you saw my 2 mile long dirt/gravel driveway, you'd know why this is an announcement). BUT:

silk warp

I have warped. Silk scarf (maybe scarves, I can't decide lengths yet), for the local County Fair. I have never entered anything (I have been a judge a few times, years ago), but last year, I looked around and thought *this place needs some color* (I have now offended fully half of my guild). So I promised myself that I would send in a few things this year.

The time has come. Entries are due. I have not woven anything entry worthy. I planned to enter four things, I may have two. I will work on getting the others done, but I have to Stay Home.

No more lunches out. No more movies. No more doing fun things with friends (and, if truth be told, No More Sitting in the Service Waiting Room at the Car Dealers).

I ran off and painted these warps in May of 1999. I can't remember why. They are 30/2 silk, 600 ends. According to my notes, I had planned to sett them at 40 epi, but I sett it at 48 epi instead. I want the painted warps to be predominant, the weft will be a fine cotton (30's/2? who knows, it's been on the shelf for a while).

A few quick but belated answers to comments:

Sheila: Silk pile weft can be almost anything, singles, plied, whatever. Real Silk Rugsā„¢ are made with reeled silk (homonymously). For spun silk I just go for the grist appropriate for the sett, sometimes bundling them in groups to obtain the grist.

And Lola? Classes may be pricey, but the process is not. Watch for Sarah Swett's book Kid's Weaving, it has plans for the loom, and a few first projects, all of which will cost less than $50 to accomplish.

And Deanna: I had yogurt, blueberries and walnuts for breakfast this morning. I'm addicted, thanks once again!


Blogger Charlene said...

I love your breakfast, very similar to mine, but instead of the blueberries, I do dried fruits: dried stawberries, raisin medley and berry medley (cherries, blueberries, something and perhaps something else).

Food of the gods, along with salmon roe sushi and artichokes - separately!

11:37 AM  

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