Sunday, December 24, 2006

Under the Wire

A few last minute gifts, done just in time:


Fingerless gloves, man-size. Details: Cascade 220, size 5 needles, cast on 44 sts. Add 10 sts. for thumb gussets. Reduce sts. at the top, so the final ribbing is 40 sts. Then toss in the wash, and felt slightly, Bingo! (I think, that is. Bingo if they fit, heh).


Eileen's candles

Several days ago, I saw these beaded wire knitted votive covers at my LYS , knit from a pattern in this book. Eileen used 24 gauge wire, and size 8 needles, 8 stitches. I tried 28 gauge wire (because I had it), red and gold beads (well, I had them) and size 5 steel needles (um, had them), and CO 12 sts. to come up with these:


Sliding the beads was awkward at first, but became routine. Finishing the two edges into a circle was not as neat as I would have liked, but was easy to cover up with a length of wire threaded with a few extra beads. The only tough part was the handling the wire: it did not behave as nicely as yarn, and wore a little callus on one finger where it rubbed.

And for a little post-prandial holiday knitting:

red yarn

I've been dyeing yarn. The yarn is a little heavier than I usually spin, but it is soft, soft, soft. It was spun for a class from Nancy last January, and the machine-knitted fabric was made up then too, but never dyed. The yarn (BFL, 3ply) was too heavy to easily use on the knitting machine, so the rest was never knitted up.

The knit-dye-reknit piece will probably become a pair of fingerless gloves, I think, in feather and fan stitch, on size 7 needles. The skeins will probably be a multi-directional scarf, or a moebius. They should be fast holiday knits, while visiting and noshing, and not too distracting to work on amid holiday hub-bub.

Of course, the color is no surprise, and quite seasonal, but really I was inspired by Claudia's red roving and yarn. The color of her yarn is enchanting; I had to dye some of my own.

So Ha! Success. Yarn to knit, a few last minute gifts, and all done under the wire (heh) in time for Christmas.

May your holiday be joyous, whatever you celebrate, and may we all be successful someday, somewhere, somehow, in finding Peace on Earth.


Blogger Maus said...

Your red wool looks delicious! Like the beaded stuff too, very festive ;) Happy Holidays.

6:37 AM  
Blogger Anne said...

What fun small gifts! Those votive holders would be great secret Santa gifts - maybe for next year's round(s) of parties. I hope your Xmas was merry!

1:14 PM  
Blogger Birdsong said...

Sometimes using what we have in front of us is the absolutely best way to go... hope you are enjoying a peaceful, relaxing and loving holiday.

8:16 PM  
Blogger beadlizard said...

Mitt knitting at our home, too. They are so quick!

Next time you see Nancy, ask to look at her hysterectomy sweater. It is an amazing use of color and pattern.

Best wishes for the coming year -- syl

10:45 AM  
Blogger claudia said...

The more red in the world, the better.

Hope you had a lovely holiday.

2:59 PM  
Blogger Louise said...

Loved your dyed yarn. Dying is on my list of new year resolutions. My daughter is a beader, I have to tell her about your blog. Beautiful work

2:53 PM  

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