Friday, November 14, 2014

Colorful Fall

Rain this past week and a few breezy days have diminished the colorful leaves, and this year we had some of the best coppers, favorites. Wednesday I was out, and knew the storm was coming, and that this would be my last chance this year to capture those golds:
golden tree_edited-1

But we can have color all year long! We had a dye day:
Dye day

These are play days, not instructional per se, but I am there to explain which dye goes with which fiber, and how to process the dyed yarns and fibers so the color won't all wash out. Which would be so discouraging!

At any rate, we dyed some warps::

Dye day

Warp painting
Warp painting

These were inspired by a National Geographic publication with a photo of Jupiter:
Warp painting

And, after everyone was done, there was dye leftover. I dyed some silk fabric:
Dye day

It came out nicely:

Nothing fancy, nothing unusual. Just a few creative people getting together for a day of color. We have fabric and yarn to remind us....and the leaves will come back, next year:

fall gold

November leaves


Blogger Valerie said...

Oh so lovely! There were a lot of reds in our leaves this year...but the beech leaves are/were coppery (uhm....maybe that's one of the reasons they're called copper beeches?)

Can't wait to see what the yarns and the fabric become!

12:44 PM  

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