Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Weaving Blogs

I've looked for them, there are not many out there. So I'll start my own. My intention is to use this forum to keep myself on track, and if I have to update my progress publicly, perhaps I'll get more accomplished. Perhaps.

The short list of projects right now: Pickup bands in several styles: Central American and Latvian, in silk, for class samples. 2 kumihimo braids, also for samples. Cardwoven band in fine silk, black and white, Egyptian diagonals.

Silk pile bag with a cotton warp, as a test. I need to find a good warp for class projects. Need to warp, and design, and begin the weaving by February 5th, for a demonstration.

Finish a project on my big pile loom, and get that warp off. The leftover warp itself can be used as band warp, but it's clogging up progress. The warp is too daunting (253 ends of handspun tussah silk) and has been stalled for 2 years.

New kimono fabric (commercial silk) and new shirt fabric (handspun silk).

Reeled silk fabric for a carry-bag, with pockets, for travel.

Cashmere hat: yarn spun, needs dyeing. The fingerless mittens are finished and the scarf warp is done, but not woven. All three projects are of the same fiber, some 2 plied (for weaving) and some 3 plied (for knitting).

This is enough to focus on for today. Obviously, there are more!

Next: how to figure out photos. Until then, new photos are at


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