Monday, April 23, 2012


embers close

So what does one do when a big project is done?

Apparently keep going:
embers bobbin

I started spinning this Tuesday afternoon. It's a wool silk gradient from Kimber, at Fiber Optics. I don't know the color names but it's Embers in my head.

This was a single braid, 4 ounces, and spun up into 440 yards. I wanted to experiment a bit before I took off for Stringtopia.
fiber optic 009

Why this yarn, of all things I could be doing this week? I showed my samples from the book to a couple of friends the other day, and one woman picked up a BFL/silk piece of fabric and said: "it's got so much texture!".

Humph. The things you do not notice when you are focused on Headdownkeepgoingitwillallgetdone.

The fabric was (is) plain weave. But the finishing, and resulting shrinkage, deflected the yarns and made it crunchy textured squishy lovely elastic and gave it a very nice hand.

So, was it the silk/wool combo? Was it reproducible?

Yep, I think, on both counts:
fiber optic 009

This is silk merino. I did a few weft samples at the beginning, but left enough for a proper size scarf. I'm bringing it this weekend. There is more to say, and I want people to feel the fabric (fabulous!) and as you may know, the most recent project is always the favorite.

But of course, there were some things left unanswered, and more research will be required. I have more color gradients and I know how to use them...Research. That's what I am calling it.

Embers. Sometimes things burn slowly, quietly, under the surface, percolating, to mix metaphors, and then suddenly burst forth in flames. It's been that kind of week, actually. Moving on!


Blogger Freyalyn said...

Ooh, pretty! And I can *almost* feel the texture.

1:56 PM  
Anonymous Susan said...

I really like Kimber's fiber & colorways. Your yarn looks great, Sara, as usual. Congrats on the project completion. Onward!!

6:21 PM  

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