Monday, April 29, 2013

It's Here!

The book arrived! Just one copy, but just in time.

I had 5 friends here for a weekend workshop, and a weavery slumber party ensued. There was much food, some few things to drink, and several late nights. But the book was seen! Read! Handled! And it was good.

Why were All The People here? Weaving workshop: Rose and Eugene Vigil came to town to teach us Chimayo style tapestry weaving:
Yurt tapestry
Mine. Clearly a beginner effort, but I got all the techniques in: dovetail, slit, hatching and diagonals. I got better with them as I worked, but it was odd and awkward at first. It's a good thing to be a beginner every now and then and struggle a bit... I used a copper pipe loom and it worked quite well. I think the sett was a bit closer than it should have been, but that just meant I had to beat harder to get coverage. Next time...!

Diane's, on her Mirrix loom, is much more picturesque and accomplished:

Diane's tapestry

But we all had fun, Rose and Eugene were delightful, and many thanks to BJ for setting up the workshop!

In addition to all the workshop goings on, we drove up for my son's firefighter badging ceremony and a celebratory dinner, which took place in Carson City:
Fireman Ben and Jess
Paramedic/firefighter Ben! (and his big-bro). I am very proud of him, he has worked hard to get here.

And now? The book will go off to a workshop with me in Santa Rosa this week: this time I am teaching so I'd best go prepare. Signed book offer still stands: I'll pay the postage and deface, er, sign your book!

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