Friday, January 31, 2014


Whoops! Friday already! Where does the time go? I have been traveling: to Southern CA and back again, much driving was involved. It was very dry, heading downstate, but thankfully, we've had some rain since then (some, not enough, but some!).

I did manage to get some spinning done:


These are the colors of tussah mentioned in the last post. I buy it from Opulent Fibers, and I very much recommend her fibers: it's silk, but dyed before it is prepared, which means that it drafts smoothly, like...well, silk! I totally recommend this! (and there are 80! colors!....) <<< Sometimes I feel like a pusher, but really: this is crack! for spinners. I first wrote that as "spinner's crack", but that does not sound like something I should write on a family-friendly blog... and now? I've gone and done it).

Anyway! These skeins will add to the growing pile, soon to be fabric. This is brown, and wine, each plied on itself, and the middle skein has both colors plied together. Perfect!

There is more spinning, back again on spindles:


because I am headed out once again, this time flying, so the spinning wheel stays home (::sniff!::). More tussah: the red is my own dyed and the purple is Opulent Fibers again. What does not show in the photo is that one strand is multi-colored (red to purple to red to purple...I guess that would actually be duo-colored?). Easy to do, on spindles, just grabbing one handful at a time, and exchanging colors. No need to buy multi-colored or variegated top! The second strand is solid-ish red, so the color should drift in and out of red and purple-red....I think it will look grand in the fabric (unless, alas, I over-dye things, which is always a possibility...).

I did get home in time to attend the guild meeting here in town. Our speaker was Lisa Souza, knitter and dyer-extraordinaire, and much fun. I was very! good at the end of her presentation and let all the other guild members buy what fiber they wanted, and then I went up to help her pack up:


These were left, honestly, sitting right next to each other on the table as if they were waiting for me. How could I not? :) The orange/red/gold is a color I have purchased from her before called Earth Birth. I totally recommend it (and all her colors...I know some people are not as orange/blue fanatical as I am). This is a merino-silk blend, so not for the current project, but enough, if I get them spun up, for a nice travel knit: scarf? mitts? hat? We shall see.

Signing off, and taking off...soon, there will be more photos of grandchildren!


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