Friday, March 18, 2005

Getting There

I'm moving along on the rug border:

March 18 rug

At about two rows a day, it will take me another ten days. There are a few challenges, but overall it's coming out fine. I am apparently not as strong as Peter was: I can't seem to beat in the rows as tightly as he did. It will make for a deeper border, but that's a small detail, I think (I hope).

Quick answers to silk comments:

The silk top I'm dyeing is from Peace of Yarn, retail outlets include Carolina Homespun in San Francisco, and The Fold, in Illinois. I'm dyeing it for class supplies, including an upcoming workshop at SOAR 2005 on silk cut pile (the same technique as the rug pictured above).

The silk top in the photo below is unspun silk, prepared for spinning in a long aligned rope of fibers, yes, similar to wool top. It's fabulous stuff, and makes sumptuous yarns.


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