Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Coming Down to Earth

What? Long time no post? Why would that be? Well, maybe because I have nothing new to post.

Herewith, progress made on the white lace scarf:

SOAR project 1

Hmmmm. Not so much. Herewith, progress made on the alternative project, fair isle mittens:

SOAR project 2

Well, a bit. But I must confess: all the progress here was made yesterday in line at the DMV. It was a mercifully short line. *None* of this was knitted at SOAR. *But*: they are being knitted with needles given to me *at* SOAR (does that count for anything?). Martine made these for me out of bamboo. They are the perfect size for this yarn and this project, Thank you Martine!

I've been away. You all knew that. So here is my SOAR report:

We drove out Saturday to Park City, Utah, we being my friends Sue, Nancy and her partner Adrianna. Two cars, lots of stuff. Nothing to report on the trip out, except it went by quickly, anticipation being a good sauce. We arrived around 6 o'clock Mountain Time, to utter chaos in the reception area of the Canyons Resort: A Mary Kay conference was checking out. It was the clash of two cultures. I'm quite sure they looked at us, bedraggled, be-jeaned and be-clogged, with out a pinch of make up and decidedly lacking in the Big Hair department, with a jaundiced eye.

No matter. We unloaded box after box, tools, suitcases, ice chests, crockpots and dye pots, and carried on with aplomb. You would have been proud.

The next day we set up workrooms and greeted the incoming workshop participants. It is always grand to see everyone come, full of anticipation, and not tired yet. The Mary Kay people were gone, we were left alone for a week at the resort by ourselves.

The workshops began Monday morning. While not actually calm, the first three days are a bit focused, as people settle into the classes they are taking. There is still an air of anticipation: the retreat brings more participants, the vendors, and the public. The end of the week sees the excitement level ratchet up a notch, with more activities crammed into very little time, and shorter classes, as people rush from the Market to retreat sessions, the gallery and meals.

The resort was a fabulous place: new (built for the 2002 Olympics), scrupulously clean, delicious food (lobster bisque, twice! Petit fours, and other gooey, caloric desserts, fresh greens and fresh fruit, every day, vegetarian meals, and meals for us carnivores, and did I mention the desserts?), a pool and three hot tubs, a spa (massages!), and very nice rooms.

Thursday, as the retreat participants arrived, and the Market opened, some of us took advantage of the massage and hot tub option (note to self : do *this* more often!), then took the free public shuttle bus into Park City proper, for some gallery hopping and lunch out. Town looked a bit upscale (one person commented that it looked like a Disney version of *quaint old mining town*) but then, it was in keeping with all the other up-scaleness of the area. If you want to move to Park City, bring money. All very pretty, but the usual lament: it must've been a nice place to live before it was over run.

Let me end by saying thanks. To the staff at Interweave for pulling it all together once again, to my friends for making it such a fun event to attend. To all the new people I meet each year, there's not ever enough time is there? And to all my workshop participants, what a nice bunch of people you are! It was a great class, thanks in no small part to Sarah, with her able help we managed to set up 30 looms and get people weaving on their silk pile bags. If anyone is interested in the process, Sarah's book has it all laid out in detail. And while it's much nicer to be able to work with her in person, this is definitely the next best thing! Even though the title is Kids Weaving, it really is a subversive book for adults. It is a great introduction to weaving, for anyone from age 9 to 99.

Next year? Tahoe. In my own backyard. See you there!


Blogger claudia said...

Well that sounds like it was fun, fun, fun.

And you don't even *sound* tired or hung-over.


11:47 AM  
Blogger Cathy said...

I am so relieved you didn't whiz thru the lace knit. Whew. Everyone loved SOAR, I am tired of hearing how much fun they/you had. Next year, I am gonna be at Tahoe. (hmmm... somehow that came out wrong - like a threat to keep fun from happening.)(big smile here)

3:54 PM  
Blogger judy said...

It all sounds like a fiber paradise. Glad you had fun in addition to all the work.

5:54 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

well gee sara - just love the new projects and am delighted to see you have finished them in such a timely fashion, snort.

great report on soar and i about fell off my ample rear when i realized it would be back at blue tahoe next year. same place as last time?

hopefully life will allow me to particpate fully this time.

keep on -

8:17 AM  
Blogger Cathy said...

Did you read Deb - Divergent Threads post about returning home from SOAR. Yikes.

1:40 PM  
Blogger Anne said...

Well, nothing for it - Cathy and I will have to crash the place at Tahoe. How could we not, now that we both know you truly exist in our parallel-brain universe?

12:48 PM  

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