Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Beware the Undertones

The same blue, the same formulas, a different orange in each mix:


It does make a difference. The undertones range from browns to greens to greys, depending on the orange in the mix.

I have been dyeing, dyeing, dyeing for days. More yet to come, but the end is near. These samples are for Book 2 of a collaborative work with Deb. As soon as I finish these, I'm back to dyeing another round for Book 1, sold out, but coming soon! to a website near you: Color By Number

Edited to add comments to comments (oops, I forgot):
Last week Beryl said...
You make it all sound so idyllic -- and, of course, in your case it is:-). I, on the other hand, have spent my recent days cursing loom problems and floats that appeared too far down the piece to correct.

Ah, yes! the simple, in that Simple Pleasures title is the plain weave that I do, versus the very complicated structure weaves possible on complex looms, like my friend Beryl does. Me? not so much with the complex, I'm more the inkle, the plain weave and the knotted pile kind of weaver. Which just goes to show that there are a multitude of possibilities with all the simple pleasures I mentioned: one can knit stockinette, or lace, traveling stitches or cables. One can spin plain vanilla wool yarn, or wash wool, hand comb, spin worsted, count twists and ply up a cable yarn. One can *just dye* or one can measure and weigh. It seems to me each person can find what they want, these craft pursuits can be all things to all people.

And Cindy said:
I want to weave a silk ribbon on my inkle loom. I would love to know about how you plan to do it. Are you spinning a silk from a mawata silk cap?

No, I'm not spinning from mawata. I want a smooth yarn, which closely approximates a reeled yarn. I spin from top or bricks, mostly Bombyx, but occasionally tussah, with a tight twist and ply. See the Summer 2001 SpinOff, I think back issues are still available.


Blogger cindy said...

Thanks for you response, Sara!!! I was wondering which of my Spin Offs had the silk weaving and you provided it!!! Ask of the blogosphere and it will appear!

3:30 PM  
Blogger Spinweave said...

I already have Book 1 and I can see that I am really going to enjoy Book 2 also. You guys are really dedicated and the rest of us really appreciate and benefit greatly from it.


5:27 PM  
Blogger Birdsong said...

You continue to inspire me to think about color and how I can expand working with it beyond what comes already dyed! Thanks so much for the helpful meeting this afternoon about teaching young children.

7:53 PM  

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