Friday, July 17, 2009


Some things seem to be not ever *done*. I've been re-working an old project into a new bag:

spindle bag

Some of you might remember it was once a hat-that-did-not-fit. Projects like this that don't quite work (and they are legion) sit around until they are either resolved or (sometimes) taken apart. It's kinda-sorta hard to take apart knotted pile, you end up with a small mountain of short-bits of yarn, so knotted pile re-directs (I do not like to say failures)usually become class samples.

This one is becoming a spindle bag. It's open at the top (now) and will hold fiber and spindle for walk-around spinning, which is something I do very rarely! But if called upon.....I am ready. I certainly enjoy the beading and embellishment process: I must have been a crow in an earlier life (or maybe a Central Asian weaver??).

Actually, plans are to call upon this latent spindle spinning skill at the Celtic Faire this October. Spindle spinning just might be what I do as a demo, along with some knotted pile weaving. I rarely appear in public in any kind of costume (well, some people would debate that and say *all* my clothes are costumes....), but for this event, I will show up as a Central Asian weaver/spinner, complete with spindle and loom. After all, that's what we (the local fiber guild members) are there to do: demo, be festive, be a part of the scene.

Re-working is happening on another project:

book title page

Last chance to edit, change, add or subtract before it goes to print. Yay!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Lucky People

It's not about what you make, it's that you make it.

It can be yarn, a sweater or lace shawl, miles of fabric or a garden, a good dinner, or a welded sculpture of a tree. Just use your hands, make something.

I am just home from Olds, and had much time to ruminate on the trip back. I packed my knitting. Say that again: I packed the knitting and just sat there (well sometimes snoozing).

Good thinking time.

We are lucky people, we who spin, knit, weave and felt. We gather at conferences like Olds, even in difficult economic times. We have reason to come together, to learn, to teach, to practice, to perfect, to meet new people and catch up with old friends.

And we make things with our hands. We watch just how to turn a wrist so the fiber flows more smoothly. We look at beautiful plain weave fabrics that have complex surface interest without using complex tools. Using just our hands, we can feel the difference, feel what is real, what is timeless, what is made by hands.

Olds? Good times. Good weather, and some fabulous conversations. Teaching, both formal classes and informally, around the table at meals, or on the porch in the evenings. Sharing, both intentionally and not. A little wine occassionally too, although some of us (Lisa) had to wear our wine.

And to Vicki? I have the hand cream, thank you! I will remember this kind gesture the next time I see you.


What goes around, comes around.