Tuesday, September 02, 2014


I am working on a new bag, a common enough design, but not one I have tried before. There is no pattern, so I am making this up as I go.

I am at the "commitment" stage: start cutting and sewing.

Which brings on the "procrastinate" stage. Fear. I am afraid. What if it does not work?? All that thought, effort, hope, and the dream of the perfect finished piece, down the tubes.

I pace. I find other things to do. I even clean! for heaven's sake! And at some point, I give up and begin.

This is even a canvas prototype! What have I got to lose? A little fabric...time. And maybe the whole idea.

That's the problem. Until I cut and sew, the bag is perfect. The idea is perfect. The plan is foolproof. The size, sewing order, color, technique? Exquisite. As long as it's all in my head (and on scraps of paper, and notes in a notebook).

Today. I promise. I shall gird my loins.

In the meantime:
whale trip2

Whales!! We went to Monterrey for a whale watching trip, and the whales were abundant! Pod after pod of them (Humpback). Also? Sunfish! Dolphins, porpoises....pelicans, I love pelicans, it was a grand day.

And me without my camera. I did not even think to bring it: I generally like to look with my eyes, not be fixated on the shot I want to get. And I am a bad photographer, so I trust the event to memory. But. There were sooooo many whales, so close to us at times, that even I thought, hell, I can take time out for a photo! But all I had was my cellphone. That's a crappy cellphone picture: one blowing, one breaching and a tale :). I have several other crappy cellphone pictures, but I will spare you.

Marin Elsa

I've been to someone's birthday! Someone turned 4! and is dressed up as Elsa. Frozen is a big hit with the little set :).

Standing Stones spindle


On Orkney, there are many standing stone circles. I bought a bracelet, which Tom Golding turned into a spindle for me. Now those stones can be with me wherever I go, and even (heh) should I choose to stay home for a little while...I don't much wear jewelry, but this makes very good use of some of it....and I could not be happier!

Standing stones spindle2

Now? Off to the studio. Maybe first I'll throw in a load of laundry....