Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Much Flitting

Before I take off this afternoon, yet again! I'll post a photo of the travel knitting in progress:
Stash sweater

Stash busting sweater, a design-as-I-go sort of thing, in an attempt to use up skeins and bits of skeins left over from other things. Much of this is yarn spun on spindles while traveling too, also in an attempt to use up small bits of leftover fiber.I love the variegated yarns that have come of this travel spinning: clearly more interesting than the flat colors that I am using to strand the patterns.

Some day this will be a jacket-type long sweater, with a band up the front (steeking! eek!) and most likely a hood. Afterthought pockets, because I just don't know how long this will be... I have ripped back a few times. Sometimes, the picture in my mind does not match the thing in my hands.But hey, there is no deadline, no time limit, and I have many-several sweaters, so no real need.

Luxury, eh? Extra time, extra yarn, and eventually, an extra sweater!