Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Project momentum.

Long projects, those that take months, even years, have their own rhythm. Interest and time available wax and wane, but at some point, when enough of the preliminary steps have been taken, momentum increases, the project takes on an urgency, and compels finishing.

Cut pile travel bag

But before that point is the slog...


This photo, of the loom and the very beginning of the weaving, was dated January 2013.

knotted pile upright loom

No part of this is instant gratification. Yarns are spun. Yarns are dyed. The loom is set up and the weaving progresses. It is easy to be distracted by something new! Or other life commitments. But for me, if I can keep the original plan in my mind, no matter how many times I have had to adjust, compromise or accommodate because the materials or my skills cannot produce my ideas exactly, I can pick up the threads and continue.

Cut pile travel bag

The bag construction is slow step by step, consuming time. I am improving, gaining skills, getting quicker, more sure of the process, and more familiar with the tools and materials. Stitching is fun to do!

And in the end, a new travel bag. I am traveling! with the bag! Again, to visit I these munchkins: