Monday, October 12, 2015

Lather Rinse Repeat!

So I took my new bag on tour. It's big! Too big... ::insert sad face here::

Cut pile travel bag

If I fill it, I can lift it, and carry it. I carried through several airports, it flopped onto TSA checkpoint conveyors, it fit in all manner of overhead bins: large plane and small. In short, it certainly works, and serves it's purpose. It will be trip worthy.

But it was heavy. I plan to make a pad for the shoulder strap (easy fix) and I thought about ways to cut it down (not easy fix) and decided, well, it's easier just to make another! We shall consider this Travel Bag Version 1.0.

In the meantime, I have retreated, with several friends, also makers, to a house on the edge of a lake:

And while there, wove a sample for the next bag:

Gila Cliff Dwellings

This image has been in my head for several months waiting for the time to make it real. I am so pleased! It's quite near my mental picture, although smaller: this was after all, to be a sample. I'm so happy with it though, it's going smack dab on the front of another leather bag. Bag as yet to be started, but the pocket piece is done!

In the course of weaving this, my head came up with several other iterations of the image, so I will weave another, at least one, maybe two. I have Yet Another, completely different image I want to weave, involving greys and reds, before I tackle another of these. All this is to say that one thing leads to another and another and another, images and bags, bags and images...and so it goes.

Last stop on the recent grand tour:


Two kids a bubble bath, and good clean fun!