Monday, December 07, 2015


Mosaic flamingo

Well the (yes! very welcome Valerie!) rain yesterday meant a noisy day in the studio. I sewed though, so no new weaving pics.

The Very Pink warp is tied on, ready to weave off today, then time for finishing both of the recent warps: repairing, washing, pressing and more sewing. Plenty of time! (famous last words).

Holly: the contraptions holding the lease sticks are Angel Wings, from Purrington Looms. Very useful: I highly recommend them. Front to back or back to front, it's nice to have your lease sticks secure, and the AW also space them so taking threads off the cross is easy-peasy.

Back to work, under the watchful flamingo...


Blogger blopeep said...

she's got her eye on you!

Glad it's made it's way out into the yard.

12:58 PM  

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