Monday, June 13, 2016

Park Pouch

So! I finished a small bag:

Park pouch

When I visit my grandchildren, we take a walk to one or the other of two local parks. We also just walk around the neighborhood, sometimes stopping for such diversions as back hoes, dump trucks and skip loaders. Sometimes some of us are on bikes, or scooters or in the double or single stroller, and the others of us push or carry or haul these things around in various ways.

I don't need to also haul my purse around, but I need sunglasses, hand wipes, my phone and lip balm: a few necessities. I used to stuff these things in various pockets, and they are heavy and bulge-y, so this small pouch was born:

Park pouch 2

Cross body strap, adjustable, pocket in front for phone (which doubles as a camera and must be easily accessed), inside pocket for glasses, lip balm, tissues and wipes, and ... band aids. Everything a grandma should need (save for water and snacks) for a walk around the block (or 2 or 4 blocks)with two small children.

It's full now, loaded with all the things. Ready for the next walk! later this month.

Park pouch

And the post script? The family is moving.

Maybe there will be a park near their new house?