Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Plus Four

Four new (small) leather bags!

4 bags

Summer has been busy, with travel, visitors, workshops and conferences. But in between times, I have had a few small bags in process. I can cheerfully say I am getting better! at this leather thing. These are varying degrees of "better", but I am very happy with them. Despite any glitches, they will all be useful, and isn't that at least one of the goals?

1st up, a small tool bag, for me to carry leather and weaving tools in my suitcase. Previous to this, I was using a plastic pencil case... this is an improvement.

tool bag

I learned enough to make a few changes on the second version:

small bag

It's a different gauge leather, and lined, plus the zipper has leather stops and there is a handle! So improvements already. I love this shape, and want to make a few more of these.

Next up, a small toiletries bag:

toiletries bag

I like the shape and size, I could use some practice with skiving (making leather thinner where needed) but all in all, this will do just fine for a leather bag that will be in a wet/dry/wet environment, carrying sometimes spilly wet things.

Last, I used an inkle band to decorate a small flat bag, which worked perfectly! and which I will do again. I had very little of this leather to make this bag, so it's small and flat, but it is already full of things I need to take on the next trip:

inkle bag

Turns out when I uploaded these photos, I'd forgotten to chronicle a small bag I made in May. It's for carrying cords for phone and iPad, my folding headphones, and my (now ancient) iPod. It' easy to grab from the overhead or under seat storage, and keeps everything neatly in one place. Previous to this, I'd been using a zip-lock plastic bag! This is way better!

cord bag

So really, it's plus five, but I am not changing the title, since it is evocative :). I worked on the four of them simultaneously: glue one, stitch another, make the zipper for turned out to be efficient, rather than one bag at a time, as long as I could remember which needed what next, and glue up the next day's stitching before I quit for the evening.

I am now up to #28 of 100, past 25% done! I have #29 going now, too, so 30 is next, for which I currently have no plans. Small bags though, are quick, easy to make, and eminently useful. There will be more to come :).


Blogger Lynn said...

You're almost tempting me to start making small leather bags. Almost. They are charming! Come to think of it, I need to update my blog and warp count - there are at least five warps I need to add.

9:01 AM  
Blogger Charleen said...

These bags are beautiful and just the right size for travel!

Sorry we couldn't meet up but the older grandkids visit was so much fun and Parker Elliott arrived right on time!!

5:28 AM  

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