Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Much Ado

Well! First, thank you for all the comments, both enblogue, so to speak, and off. I am surprised at the response, a chord must have been struck.

I've been thinking of the follow-up post, passing on the passion, but I haven't the time right now, having gotten myself over-busy. Next week. I expect by then to be over the hump, and back to a more sedate pace, and able to concentrate rather than rush from task to task, as I feel I am doing this week.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy.

In the meantime, the shawl:

shawl end

This is the hemstitched end, here's a close up:

shawl hemstitching2

There are four threads through each slot in the reed (48 epi in a 12 dent reed), so theoretically I could have four threads in each turn of the needle. But nooooo, that would be too easy. Me? I just pick up random threads, sometimes four, sometimes five, sometimes three, and stitch across. This is what passes for wild and rebellious in the weaving world.

The stitching is intended to mark the end of the shawl, then there is a hem area, which will be turned and hemstitched back on itself, making two lines of hemstitching followed by an inch of turned over hem. This hem area will be beaded, very simply, with pearls and silver lined beads. The beading will give the ends some body and weight, the better for draping, and staying in place. Like drapery weights, for those of you who remember the pinch pleated drapes of the past.

All this white silk weaving continues, for several more yards: for the groom's vest and that of his best man. Snowblind? Why, yes! thanks for asking.

As a respite from all this plain white, I have been internet surfing. I like to go look at Linda's site, and admire all her dyed wool color combinations. I succumbed:

Grafton fibers

Like those colors Marcy? And while I was there, I ordered a Big Honking crochet hook:

Grafton hook

To be used for an eventual crocheted and felted bag.

But not yet, I am undeterred. The nose must be pressed to the grindstone for a bit more. Thank you again for all your thoughtful and encouraging comments. We must be a very passionate bunch.


Blogger beadlizard said...

I remember feeling snowblind while weaving an intricately patterned bead panel on a white bombyx singles warp in 11 kinds of white size 11 seed beads. I have never looked at white the same since!

Are you using smooth-bore silver-lined beads or square hole? AB?

You will love the crochet hook from Linda and Tom. Mine comes alive in my hands. Her batts are truly free-drafting, the stuff of speed-spinning contests. What are you going to make??? --syl, who sent a lot of people over to read your passion post because it was EXCELLENT. Eager to read your sequel!

9:23 AM  
Blogger claudia said...

Your Linda order is certainly the opposite of white.


9:54 AM  
Blogger Charleen said...

I'd say the Linda's wonderful fiber is a great antidote to the white weaving, but I wouldn't want to imply that the weaving was anything but simply gorgeous!

Do you get all sorts of weepy weaving wedding wear? (sorry, the alliteration got the best of me)

2:57 PM  
Blogger cindy said...

Yes ....weaving wedding wear! What a lovely item for the groom and his best man. I've been knee deep in wedding knitting and sewing myself lately since my daughter's wedding is 10 days away.

3:08 PM  

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