Thursday, November 01, 2007

A Certain Order

Things are still topsy-turvy around here: boxes have arrived, as yet unpacked. There was a spinning and weaving demo Saturday at the Farmer's Market (with surprisingly good feedback; surprising in that it's a farmer's market, not a craft show, yet much selling of yarn, fiber and finished goods occurred). A dye day for the guild happened Sunday, which involved a day of setting up, and a day of dyeing, then another day of breaking down. Pictures are being gathered.

In short: I'm not home much, not much is getting accomplished here, and yet busy-ness is happening. Yesterday, amid all the disorder, I threw up my hands and went to the studio.

air band2

Despite the chaos, or perhaps because of it, I spent the day weaving this band.

Traveling always gives me ideas, which I write down as I go. Once I get home, I sift through the pages, and start to work. The first to be done are the compelling ideas, the let's see if this will work ideas. This little band (5/8" wide, 90" long) is part of a larger project, but it is beautiful in itself, shiny and drapey.

It's good to be back, good to be home, good to be working again. Now, inspired and refreshed, I need to clear the path, clean up the mess, and unpack and put away all the detritus from the road trip.


Blogger Purple Fuzzy Mittens said...

Very pretty band! Especially against the tomato background. It makes me long to drop everything and run home and warp up an inkle loom.:-)

10:16 AM  
Blogger judy said...

There's no place like home. Good to have you back.

6:45 AM  
Blogger DEEP END OF THE LOOM said...

I love the band, what type of yarn did you use, the color is gorgeous.

6:58 AM  

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