Thursday, August 13, 2009

From Hand to Hand

Lots of bloggers follow Claudia's bike rides (and vacations!) and when she holds a fundraiser, we pitch in. Her 2009 MS fundraiser bike-ride drew over 800 people to donate more than $30,000 and 200 prizes. We all get to live vicariously as Claudia and (front man) Stig ride the ride, and then take the vacation awarded to the top fundraiser. Where will it be this time? Disneyworld? Hawaii? Cancun??

This year, my sister lost a friend to MS. Susan was a young woman still in her 50's. The disease progressed rapidly from diagnosis to death in less than 3 years. Imagine your life changing that rapidly, that uncontrollably, that definitively, in so short a time.... Research might help us change that outcome. Even in these times of economic uncertainty, many people stepped up to donate. I donated. Claudia rode.

I won! And now I knit:
Nancy donated a skein of her handspun made from 7.6 oz. of corriedale from Crown Mountain Fibers in the Druidenzauber colorway. Its a two ply yarn in a light worsted weight. Delicious!

I picked out a pattern that would do justice to this beautiful soft, scrunchy yarn:

I've made a good head start (heh), it's a fun knit, and now it goes on the road with me:

Back in a few :).


Blogger Loredena said...


I know someone with MS, and I too donate to Claudia's ride every year. I won a raffle item myself a few years ago, and I admit that the raffle is a lovely carrot. But MS is a wicked disease, so I would donate anyway.

12:44 PM  
Blogger Sharon said...

I lost a family member to MS - it scares me. What terrifies me is breast cancer. My phone conversation with a friend was cut short because the cancer meds she's on make her too thirsty to talk long.

6:05 PM  

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