Sunday, May 27, 2012

Speak To The Camera

spindle and knitting2

It's a box. It does not nod or smile or respond in any way. It may or may not have a red light, blinking or otherwise. People manage the boxes, and yes, we can look at them, but we have to talk to the impersonal box.

I can (apparently) spend hours talking to it as if. As if it were alive, as if it were a room full of spinners, as if it will respond. I can try to remember everything I wanted to say. I can try to remember to say everything in a way that makes sense. And? I can babble. Oh my. I just hope the editors can fix the rambling, disjointed, off-topic and superfluous...

I love editors. They make us look so much better than we are in Real Life. They take back those odd things that slip into the conversation, those asides, and make them disappear as if they never happened. They dazzle with pictures, so you can forget the slips. I would love to have an editor in real life, would that it were possible.

Cameras. Lots, well, several of them. Spinning Silk, coming soon, from Interweave.

It's a holiday weekend now, and a chance for family time. Apparently I can forget to bring my own camera, but luckily there are a plethora in this world:
Marin and Grandma
Magpies, big birds with loud calls, can be chased around the backyard: slow down birds! We just want to get a good look!

Marin May 2012
The cuteness calms the soul, puts everything in perspective, makes the world a wonderful place, slips-of-the-tongue and all.


Anonymous SaraH said...

I love your videos. You are there with all your naughty twinkle and that zen calm thaing you have. I loved the last one and i can't wait for this.

And little M- she is just delightful.

3:06 PM  

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