Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Where In The World?

So where in the world were we, in all those beautiful beach shots?

Seaside, Florida. It was interesting to experience this community, with its planned architectural beach house genre. It was nice to stay in one of the those houses, with large open screened porches, a tower for the view, and plenty of airy space and light.

Seaside had enough variation in house style, landscaping and lot size to make it visually interesting, and certainly more real and lifelike than its Disneyland neighboring community of Watercolor, which was movie-set perfect and felt a bit sterile.

Both seemed like lovely places to vacation, and families were everywhere doing just that. The house in which we stayed made for a nice base-camp: big enough for everyone to hang out, well-located for walking into town to browse the shops, for lunch and dinners, and the beach was two blocks away.

While we were there for a wedding, we had days free of commitments. I had silk with me:
Blue silk spindles

But one night I was caught without my nostepinne, which I use to wind off the spindles, and make a stranded ball for plying (in this case two strands):

silk noste 008

Any port in a storm; I used a wine cork!

Red wine, in fact:

silk noste 009

Oddly, we had plenty of wine corks. In fact, I may just take to carrying one with my spindles! Hmmm. I wonder where I could find one? :)

It's now back to the old grind; spinning, spinning and some weaving. I came home to find my latest book had arrived at the warehouse, so those of you who are waiting: my order should get here soon (and thanks! for all your support!).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great idea ! I've been using empty toilet paper rolls but the corks are so much cuter!

4:48 AM  
Blogger Charlene said...

Oh it looks horrible there, just horrible. All that sea and sun and spinning and wine and hanging out - sounds like a nightmare.

(Translation: I'm jealous!)

6:46 AM  

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