Monday, January 04, 2016

Relax! It's the New Year

Gift Giving is over, the making is done, and I can post a few of the pictures I remembered to take:


two kidlets got new blankets, rabbit fur mitts, and cowls, one a kitten, and one a fox! One little boy was a squirmer and had to be held down for the photo! The cowls are from an Etsy seller, and inspired the rabbit fur mitts to go with.

The blankets are actually not a Christmas gift, they are fort making implements, and each came with a lantern and clothespins. Winter time is perfect fort making time...


Their Daddy also made a bench out of old snowboards, and yes! I actually made them go outside in the cold snowy morning in their PJs and without shoes to take a pic!


I made two of these:


leather dopp kits: one for a traveler, and one for a firefighter who has to keep his stuff in a locker. Great fun! and I am getting better, still learning, but much more confident, and with each leather project I am improving. Two of the previous projects are now under the knife for some alterations. Even that is fun! My hands are much stronger now, from stitching and punching leather. Stronger and more accurate... like everything else, time, practice and project after project helps me learn these new skills.

Now? A bit of knitting:



Glove covers made of scrap yarns: they sorta match, kinda. The next step is to make leather mitts that cover these: then I'll be ready for all weathers! I'll make big ones like the rabbit mitts I made for the kidlets, with knitted cuffs. More to come, now that I can relax and get back to the normal pace of making, post holiday.


Blogger Silky said...

I love the idea of using hand spun scraps for over gloves

1:17 PM  
Blogger Charlotte and Harvey said...

The leather bag is lovely! Hearing about your improving skills makes me want to try and sew leather at some point :)

3:10 PM  
Blogger turkiye-escort said...

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