Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Gratuitous silk picture:


I know, I know, boring. But they are darker colors than the usual, eh? I'm going for the neutrals, the squadgey, the darks. I'm using navy in every dyebath, and I can see I need to curb it with the reds. I'm so predictable. I sincerely wish that I could show you today's golden brown, but alas, it is still damp.

I wanted to answer a few comments from the last post, and I really had nothing new to photograph. As I'm quite sure it's all about the photos, my abject apologies for my lack of new material.

Kate: I keep the warps chained and unchain them as I wind on. I separate the warps when I tug on them. I snap, or tug, on them individually as I wind on, this separates, and straightens them out before they hit the reed.

Colleen: Dyestocks are mixed dye powders in liquid, ready to use. I mix dyestocks for 2 reasons: a) it minimizes exposure to dye powders (the *iffy* part of dyeing with synthetics), and b) it allows for very accurate measurement in small increments (if I so choose; mostly I dump dye, an inelegant term for not measuring).

I'll be off-blog, so to speak, for a few days. Talk amongst yourselves.


Blogger claudia said...

They can't arrest you for dumping dye.

Or can they? Watch out.


6:17 AM  
Blogger Marcy said...

"squadgey"????? Technical dyeing term? Does in only apply to silk, as in "squadgey silk"? Or can one also use it with other fibers? Squadgey ingeo.

5:56 AM  

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