Monday, August 08, 2005


Today being Monday, I start off in the usual way with laundry and dishes. I needed to do a little clean up in the studio too, after weeks of various projects, the detritus of which piles up on every surface.

So I headed down to the yurt, and started to A) clean off surfaces, and B) gather supplies and samples for a bead class next weekend.

Starting off well, I gathered tools and beads and started putting them in their containers, and the containers on shelves. Then I found a bead I'd set aside for a necklace. I still had out some beads that would go with it nicely. I have all the tools gathered up, and it's a simple process to put together a little necklace. Why not now? That's when playtime began.


This has a few Bali silver beads, some handmade borosilicate glass beads, and the blue bead which set the whole thing in motion. The rest of the necklace is a simple strand of my favorite-in-all-the-world blue greasy beads (the odd shaped small blue glass beads)with some reds thrown in for good measure. Once this was done, it seemed quite logical to make another:


Obviously, the polar opposite of the first, with its carnelian, horn and the wound glass dot bead in all oranges, reds and black. The remainder of the strand is mostly the white hearts: red, orange and rust. If you click on either photo, there's a bigger version online.

Both necklaces are short, 18" or so, and use mostly small beads. They'll be lightweight, and relatively inconspicuous, just something to add color. And they were quick!

Meanwhile, my husband has been pounding and banging on the house: he's adding on a new pantry, just outside the kitchen. He had to come in and take down all the plates, cups and tchotchkes that normally hang on the wall and reside in open shelves, and I got a chance to see how Zen decorating would look in my kitchen. I'm more of a horror vacuui decorator, and often have fantasies of clearing everything away.

Well, no. I guess not. It just looks bare. So now, in addition to all the cleaning I have yet to get *back* to, I will wash the dust off all of the tea pots, plates, cups, trays and cookie jars, and get everything put back in order.

Zen indeed, I should have known better.


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So, how are those deadlines coming?


Sorry. Couldn't resist.

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