Thursday, August 20, 2009


An active group of knitters and spinners in the high meadows near Carbondale Colorado invited me up for some band weaving classes. We had a beautiful setting, wonderful meals and long days of weaving and spinning. The group consisted of a potter, a cattle rancher and knitter, a mid-wife knitter, a former librarian, an ancient language scholar, a few teachers, a former caterer, a gardener, a yarn store owner, and me, happy to bask in the reflected glory.

We spun silk, and wove small bands, with the attendant long talks, late into the night, and early rising to see the incredible views and take in the mountain air. And what air! There were thunderstorms, winds and then mild sunny days. You can have it all in one place, within one week!

We made use of every inch of space in our host home's large bright living room:
Carbondale 2009

And I ran into some old acquaintances:
fish mittens Carbondale 2009

I saw these mittens several years ago in a show in Boulder. I had the pleasure of being a juror for that show, and gave these clever mittens a Judges Choice award. They are fanciful fish, each different, made of handspun yarns from several members of the knitting group here, knit up by Elizabeth Yates. Elizabeth owns the Yarn Garden, in Glenwood Springs, is a local teacher, and is also a spinner. What fun to talk with her, and find out how she made these, what problems she encountered and how she solved them. I plan to make a pair for myself some day, mitered-corner fins and all.

Sad to leave, but I am moving on today, back down to the "flats" at 5000 feet, of Denver. Knitting only in fits and starts myself, and looking forward to more time to do so, while I savor the memories of this past week with a group of very wonderful women.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

From Hand to Hand

Lots of bloggers follow Claudia's bike rides (and vacations!) and when she holds a fundraiser, we pitch in. Her 2009 MS fundraiser bike-ride drew over 800 people to donate more than $30,000 and 200 prizes. We all get to live vicariously as Claudia and (front man) Stig ride the ride, and then take the vacation awarded to the top fundraiser. Where will it be this time? Disneyworld? Hawaii? Cancun??

This year, my sister lost a friend to MS. Susan was a young woman still in her 50's. The disease progressed rapidly from diagnosis to death in less than 3 years. Imagine your life changing that rapidly, that uncontrollably, that definitively, in so short a time.... Research might help us change that outcome. Even in these times of economic uncertainty, many people stepped up to donate. I donated. Claudia rode.

I won! And now I knit:
Nancy donated a skein of her handspun made from 7.6 oz. of corriedale from Crown Mountain Fibers in the Druidenzauber colorway. Its a two ply yarn in a light worsted weight. Delicious!

I picked out a pattern that would do justice to this beautiful soft, scrunchy yarn:

I've made a good head start (heh), it's a fun knit, and now it goes on the road with me:

Back in a few :).

Monday, August 03, 2009

The Book Details

Publication is close! I will be happy to send you a personally signed copy as soon as they are available to me. You may either Paypal or send a check for the retail price: $24.95. If you live in the US, shipping will be free. Elsewhere, you'll need to contact me for a shipping quote: lambspin at gmail dot com. Blooper Edit: of course, right away I got a request for international shipping amounts. I should have been less lazy and looked it up before posting:

Shipping to Canada: add $5
Shipping to UK, Australia or Continental Europe: add $12


Paypal payments will ship to the address listed in your Paypal profile. If you wish to ship to a different address, email me.

If you would prefer to send a check directly to me: PO Box 1304, Cedar Ridge, CA 95924. Be sure to include your name and address clearly for shipping.

I expect to be able to ship mid-November 2009, just in time for Christmas!