Saturday, October 29, 2011

We came, We Saw, We Wove

First, upon arriving at The Spinning Loft I was confronted by the Wall O' Fleece:
michigan 2011 018

Actually, that's one of two walls, and excess:
extra fleeces

But we overcame. Rather we overlooked, because this weekend, we were weaving:
michigan warps

That is a pile o' painted warps, ready to turn into piles o' fabric:



(Valerie has a great shot of weaving the fabric on her loom here).

Painted warps in cotton, useful fabrics, and fun to weave: as the warp advances new colors/new sections show up. Here is the front of Wayne's loom, as the fabric is being woven:

And here is what's coming up next:

I totally stole this photo from Valerie (without permission, thank you Valerie in advance!) of Wayne's finished fabric as it came off the loom:
wayne's fabric valerie

He also painted some warps for other fabrics:
(photo also stolen, this time from Wayne himself via Ravelry). (I'm a criminal, yes, but at least I confess quickly.)

Lots of other fun things happened, including holding babies!

This is Beth's grand-daughter Candice. You can see I got handed the baby the minute I walked in the door: jacket and scarf still on...

And speaking of Marin's new shoes:
Marin new shoes
snappy, eh?!


Blogger Barbara said...

gorgeous weaving - can't wait to see this workshop posted again somewhere I can get to.

I assume that baby holding happened without any input from you??? well maybe not.

9:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Y'all are too kind... now... when do we see the others, hmmmmm?!?


12:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

QUESTION for Sara:

If I increase the SETT from 20 to 30 (for 8/2 cotton) the warp will show better, yes?

Q #2: What about using a finer weft - say, 20/2) - would that accomplish the same thing or similar?

Q #3: *IF* I were considering silk for a painted warp project... 20/2?

Bless ya!

1:14 PM  
Blogger Jackie said...

What a fun workshop! How long were the warps?

6:17 AM  

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