Monday, April 29, 2013

It's Here!

The book arrived! Just one copy, but just in time.

I had 5 friends here for a weekend workshop, and a weavery slumber party ensued. There was much food, some few things to drink, and several late nights. But the book was seen! Read! Handled! And it was good.

Why were All The People here? Weaving workshop: Rose and Eugene Vigil came to town to teach us Chimayo style tapestry weaving:
Yurt tapestry
Mine. Clearly a beginner effort, but I got all the techniques in: dovetail, slit, hatching and diagonals. I got better with them as I worked, but it was odd and awkward at first. It's a good thing to be a beginner every now and then and struggle a bit... I used a copper pipe loom and it worked quite well. I think the sett was a bit closer than it should have been, but that just meant I had to beat harder to get coverage. Next time...!

Diane's, on her Mirrix loom, is much more picturesque and accomplished:

Diane's tapestry

But we all had fun, Rose and Eugene were delightful, and many thanks to BJ for setting up the workshop!

In addition to all the workshop goings on, we drove up for my son's firefighter badging ceremony and a celebratory dinner, which took place in Carson City:
Fireman Ben and Jess
Paramedic/firefighter Ben! (and his big-bro). I am very proud of him, he has worked hard to get here.

And now? The book will go off to a workshop with me in Santa Rosa this week: this time I am teaching so I'd best go prepare. Signed book offer still stands: I'll pay the postage and deface, er, sign your book!

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

When Your Friends Are Put Up For Sale

They auctioned Cindy to the highest bidder. This is shocking! I had to bid. When one's friends are put up for sale, one is obligated to help them out. Provide safe harbor. Give them a fighting chance so to speak.

Barry Schacht and Jane Patrick donated Cindy to the live auction at SOAR. Anne was the auctioneer. There was a stand-in, Flat Cindy....
cindy with cindy web
photo unceremoniously stolen from Jane

as Cindy herself could not be present.

The bidding was lively. I was at the back of the room and could not see who I was bidding against, but I was determined. Maybe they could see that: people dropped out of the bidding and I bought Cindy!

She has been visiting this week: she took the time to see some of Sonoma County and the Bay Area too, it's perfect California weather for a respite from recent Colorado cold and snow. We have been kibitzing. Noshing. Getting up to no good.

This morning, in honor of all that is food, and since Cindy was not able to come this past Fall, I am making the quiche we all love from Granlibakken. Amy got the recipe for me from the chef: it starts with 90 eggs and 8 lbs. of flour! We have adjusted :).

And yes, it's noon, and we are still hanging out with Sophie the cat and in our pajamas:
Cindy 004

Tonight, Cindy speaks at my guild. I hope she brought slides of the work she does: Cindy is a woodworker, cake decorator, felter and furniture make in her own right, besides being the Planning Manager at Schacht Products. She is the epitome of Renaissance Woman: she does a little of everything and she does it all very well. I am happy to call her friend!

Flat Cindy moved on to other households. I have not seen flat Cindy in the wild myself, but I heard she dresses up, and gets up to no good there too! Thank you Jane, thank you Barry!

Now, off to eat the quiche. If we eat it all we will be in a food coma.
milk coma
Food comas are a proud family tradition.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Time Has Come....

I love you people! I keep getting emails and phone calls. "When is the new book coming?" "Have you seen it yet?" "Are you going to sell signed copies?"

A.) I don't know! I am expecting advance copies any day. I am trying not to obsess. But yesterday UPS came with a box and it was not books! I was so disappointed.

B.) No! I have seen the galleys. So I know kinda-sorta what it will look like. But it's not in my hands yet. So. Sad.

C.)Yes! Here's the deal: I'll pay the postage in the US (and yes, Alaska, Hawaii and New Mexico, that includes you!). Canada, and Overseas: there is a charge for postage, alas.

So, do you want a signed copy, sometime in early June, of this book?

Spin to Weave Cover

Choose Your Location

Click the button. Remember to make sure your address is current. Tell me what name, nickname or specific greeting you would like in your book (within reason, and keeping posterity, yours and mine, in mind!). I will sign and send you a copy when I get them: soon! Not today. I will let everyone know via this blog when the actual books get here, so you will know when to expect your copy. And thank you!

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me for your kind anticipation and enthusiasm for this new book.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Wake Up Call

Some days, you just wake up to good news!
Look what popped up for sale today :)!

Of course, you do have to wake up...