Monday, June 24, 2013

Not Dark Here

I'm in Alberta Canada, it's just past the solstice, and I have not seen the dark night yet. I will admit to going to bed at 10 or so, and I get up around 5 or 6, but so far, there is no dark here.

In more ways than one! People have been cheerful and welcoming, friendly and funny. I am at Olds College for Fibre Week, which this year is combined with the HWSDA conference, a brilliant way to maximize the venue and facilities, and bring the weavers and spinners together. Olds has a Master Spinner certification program, and recently added a Master Weaver certification program, and both run concurrently with some of the fibre week classes.

I have lunch and dinner each night with women I have met here on previous trips, and new friends too. Classes are full of cheerful people, and the days alternate between prodigious rain, and bright sun, blue skies, and lovely cool weather. Total heaven!

There is a vendor market:


Bird's eye maple and Purple Heart spindle by Jim Leslie Designs. I'm spinning Swaledale, a coarse rug wool and quite the change from my usual silk these days:

Yes, there has been rain, and much trauma because of it. Several people, teachers as well as students, have not been able to make it at all: roads flooded out, bridges gone, roads gone....but we are numerous enough to go on, we have adjusted and added students to classes where teachers did manage to arrive, shared materials and generally carried on with grace. Off to class again, more as and when!


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