Monday, September 23, 2013

From the Mountains to the Sea

I've crisscrossed the state this week, from the ocean:

(that's Phil the slug, with Diane's wine and a view of the ocean from the hot tub! Yes, she named the slug....there were several-many Phils, some of whom became former-Phils, as they had a tendency to secret themselves under the hot tub cover, defying notice until summarily dispatched, accidentally, of course, for which we are duly repentant. I learned that squished slug leaves a plastic-like film on the fingers. Ugh! Slug!).

To the mountains:

Snow! up the hill this weekend :):

It just kept coming. Both pics taken from the kitchen step, because cold! wet! rainy! snow...and I'd not the proper footwear to be out in it. It is definitely Fall here at home too, although experience tells me we will get an Indian Summer and few more warm days before the cooler weather is here to stay.

Spinning continued while traveling, on charkha and spindles:
This is wool, from Diane, the last of the first order and now I have pounds more from my recent re-order, a sweater's worth, if my calculations are correct.

and cotton, spun on charkha at the ocean, plied on spindle in the mountains:

I'm getting more adept (can't say proficient yet) in the charkha, and really truly try to practice every day. I've missed a few days, what with all this wild driving around, but most days....

What is all this mad-dash traveling to and fro? Well, the Ocean was a spinner's retreat, coinciding with a trip to the California Wool Festival, where (hee!) I felt right at home:
Lamb Palace Cal wool show

I am sure I do not have to point out the glorious rays of sunshine shining down upon me... :). I have in my hand a spindle and nostepinne: plying silk! just to round out the fiber fest that was these last few weekends.

The mountains was a work weekend: close up the cabin, meet with a few workmen for various chores and maintenance, and make sure the propane tank is full for the coming winter.

I hope to stay closer to home for a few weeks, I have weaving, packing and shipping to do, and, while spinning on the road gets some things done, working in the studio is far more productive. Gotta get to it!


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