Tuesday, October 15, 2013

There and Back Again

I'm at the airport, headed for SOAR via a short visit to the grandchildren (and their Mom and Dad, of course!). I have been a traveling fool lately, mostly by car, traversing the State, first to Jamestown (Sierra foothills, but way south of me) then to Tahoe for a few days, and now off into the wild blue yonder. It has been a frenzy of packing, lists, clearing up chores and now? A nice few hours with nothing to do and WiFi to do it with!

I did buy an unexpected book recently:

I like to buy books from authors that I know, and while I was not expecting to make many of these garments, the book was a pleasant surprise: it is full of lots and lots of weaving tips. Well, duh, of course, you say, but really it was unexpected: I thought it would be "just" a project book, but no. There are tips, there is weaving instruction, there is information on designing and finishing fabrics for clothing, and there is a delightful section of profiles of several weavers, examples of their work, and how and why they do what they do. I love this stuff, a glimpse into someone else's thought process, and weaving process.

It is a perfect book for guild libraries, and I will suggest it to my own guild. But if you are a new weaver, or new to garment weaving, it should be on your bookshelf.

I have some knitting with me, and some spindles, but nothing urgent to finish, no looming (heh) deadlines, so I can relax, and make some samples and plan the next few projects. I did want to show this to Sarah, however:


Amazing huh? Two cairngorms, remarkably similar. The spindle is a Golding, and Sarah will know about the pin...! The link to Sarah's blog, by the way, is to an interesting post from last Spring, packed full of weaving, spinning and embroidery information, much more so than this post! Go read it!

I will post from SOAR, at least a photo a day, next week. Until then :).


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Looking forward to your photos.

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