Monday, May 26, 2014

Out In The World

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Book Giveaway! There were 22 total comments on the post about Tom's new book, including a few duplicates, and one person who already had the book. I excluded those, and then numbered the remaining 17 in order of receipt. I used this number generator and got: #16! Tobie :). I've sent an email requesting a shipping address, Tobie, and as soon as I have it, Tom Kniseley's new book Weaving Rag Rugs goes out to you in the mail!

Teaching people in person is a lively and energizing event: you see the spark as it is ignited, you see the glimmer of understanding, and on a good day, people leave the class fired up with ideas and plans, ready to apply what they have learned.

Writing about the creative process, whether in articles, online or in books, is an extension of that personal connection one step removed. We may not see the spark of inspiration, the aha! of understanding, but it is out there, and it begins to show in the work of others.

We try our best in text and photographs, in live or recorded video, to get across the information that is really a tactile experience, with some of the hand and body movements very subtle and not necessarily conscious. We struggle with the words: and it is a struggle to analyze in detail all the steps we take. To see the instructor as he/she speaks about the process can clarify what the words we use are trying to mean.

One of the best things about teaching is seeing the work taken up by someone else. In the best circumstances, teaching is passing on what we know, what we have done, how we got here, and how you can too. And to see words in action, techniques and ideas moving out into the world, in someone else's wholly new work, is a gift indeed. It's why we teach!

Feedback is fabulous, especially when the information is handed out into the world in print, and we know not who it is that has taken it up. Send a letter :)! Send an email! Ask a question! Ask for clarification, and better yet: show us what you are doing. We love to see that you use and pass on the information we have tried so hard to get out to you!


This has been book week here: I have sent out the new silk books ordered directly from me, and will ship a few more tomorrow that have been ordered once the online buzz started up: thank you to all and sundry! I am down to my last few books, and have to order more: a good problem to have indeed.


Blogger Barbara said...

Sara, I got my copy of the silk book on Saturday and devoured it immediately. What a huge amount of good info in such a compact setting. The pictures of your projects really show the depth of your silk experience.

Thanks so much. It's everything I expected from you.

11:21 AM  

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