Friday, March 04, 2005


This was a dead project.


Not really long dead, but dead nonetheless. It is a long vest, the panels are being knit in the round, then it will be steeked and borders, hems and a collar will be knit. The problem, and the reason it had died an early death, was boredom. I was tired of the pattern, which for some reason I could not get into my head, so I had to keep referring to the chart. That's annoying. So I put the project in a bag, and did not look at it.

Then my friend Sue, who raised the sheep which provided the grey and brown wool, mentioned I could stop knitting that part, and change the design. Voila! A new lease on life for the vest. It will now have a yoke, of a simple stranded pattern, relieving me of tedium, and energizing the project again.


Blogger Maus said...

Oh that vest panel looks beautiful! I love vests of all sorts, they are so practical and fun to wear. I'm glad you brought it back to life :)
Your weaving is so nice too, I can't imagine unweaving THAT much!! Wow :)

7:20 AM  
Blogger claudia said...

Knitting? Really.


5:59 PM  

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