Monday, January 16, 2006

On Changing Horses Midstream

Sometimes this weaving stuff is just an exercise in flexibility. One idea leads to another, projects change, deadlines come and go.

You might remember this project from a few posts back:

Bag from rug

It started life as a rug idea, much spinning occurred, some dyeing occurred, then the warping, and the weaving began.

Then things changed. Horror Vacui reared its busy and decorative little head, and a border pattern ensued on what would otherwise have been a very zen design.

Well, weaving plodded along in a desultory fashion. Deadlines loomed (ha ha) and progress needed to speed up. But for some reason, the project was just not joyful, and around here, the *not joyful* projects get short shrift.

Then, while reading a book my sons gave me for Christmas, I found a small photo of a very interesting knotted pile bag, shaped like a little upside down cone. Eureka!

New life. A new design, and new interest. And (apparently) to hell with the deadline (this new project does not fit the show criteria). Weaving is moving right along. You can probably see the design sheet on the tray (and the border design graph underneath it): the bag will have four sections, not quite equal, but given the existing warp layout, a good compromise. I am encouraged.

The new design means I have to reconfigure several other things too: the bag will need a band, and the Eastern European inspired border pattern will be a perfect design to work with, but: it will be woven on the inkle loom, and I have that warped with this project. So that needs to move along, and then I need yarns suitable for a pick up band. In wool. In the right colors.

Well, I have (or will have, since the rug is now a bag) lots of leftover pile yarn: the right fiber, the right color: the wrong amount of twist. First I will try to just add twist in the plying direction, and see if that makes a yarn sturdy enough for band weaving.

I also have some of the warp yarn not yet plied: it was a 3 ply for the warp, but a two ply of the singles will make a very suitable yarn for a band. If the re-plied pile yarn is too fuzzy, or in some other way unsuitable, I'll dye some of the 2 ply warp yarn.

Then we will need to consider the construction, whether it will be lined, interlined, reinforced, and how to make a closure. And the band: fringe, hanging outside? or no fringe, and sewn to the inside? Tassel or other embellishments? Beads? Any knitting or Bosnian crochet edging? Velvet edging?

You see? Busy-ness. Testing, trying and playing with fibers. It's all good. I have lots to contemplate, and in the end, it will all be too fun.

I don't know what it is about bags, but they are so fun to make. I certainly have more than I can use, but they are still compelling. And, unlike Sylvia, in her recent post on using only one technique per project, I am multi-technique positive.

It must go along with the Horror Vacui.


Blogger Charleen said...

So that's what it's like to live in Sara's world? I think you just scared all of your decidophobic readers away ;-)

So, what makes a good pile yarn? You know, in case I ever want to make more than the three knots you helped me with.

6:07 PM  

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