Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Out With The Old

It is a New Year, after all (some weeks old, unless we are doing Chinese New Year).

New Tea Cozy, stranded wool, which keeps the pot extra-toasty:

lindsey's shawl 008

The tea pot lindsey's shawl 011 has been cozy for several years in a cotton patchwork job that is lined and interlined:
lindsey's shawl 009

It is not nearly as warm as the new wool one though. The new one was a gift from a friend, who knits with singles(!) of all things, and it will be the new stay-at-home cozy. The old one will be the traveling cozy. I am rich in cozies!

More New: Blog post-provoker extraordinaire Lindsey has retired from the library and finally(!) started her own blog! Now please go over and comment on how rarely she posts, and go back regularly and ask her to post more. She who laughs last.....

Lindsey recently started a campaign to finish up all the old projects in her studio. Funny thing is, she has a knitting studio and a weaving studio. She is only counting knitting projects so far. She recently finished a shawl, in a pattern which I have forgotten. I also can't remember if she could not find the yarn she was using, or ran out, but in any case, she knit the border and edging in yarns other than the central field:

lindsey's shawl 016

The colors were nice, but she knew an over-dye would blend them a little better, so she handed me the shawl and gave me carte blanche to pick a color for it. I used gold:

lindsey's shawl 019

The colors are more unified now, even though the yarns each took more or less color depending on their fiber content and previous color.

Speaking of gold:

Josiah got a new sweater. It's handspun superwash wool, dyed top from Spincerely Yours. Sorry for the poor photo quality: camera phone. Nice tractor buttons, though, eh?

If you need buttons, my friend Mollie has opened a new online custom button business. Mollie has taught button making classes for years, but I have never indulged. Lucky me, I can now have her just make the buttons, any color any size (except, maybe, tractors). Good things come to those who procrastinate (wait? is that right?).

And last, certainly not least, she-who-still-seems-new to me:

marin Christmas 2010

A very Big Girl.


Blogger weavinfool said...

Hey, nice shawl, but even nicer baby. What a cutie! BTW, who does Josiah belong to?
Gotta go, I need to blog.


9:39 AM  
Blogger SHELLY said...

Josiah is mine!

11:05 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

She is soooooo cute!! And I love the footy-jammies. Too adorable.

11:08 AM  
Blogger Charlene said...

1. Still deliciously cute.
2. Good job on the shawl overdye. Much better.
3. Wool tea-cosies are fabulous. I made a felted cosy instead of an ugly bag back in nineteen mumblety-mumble when that person who hasn't taught since did a reversible felted vest workshop. Love my cosy, keeps the tea PIPING hot (as it should be).

Today's Word Verification: micat: lolspeak for "my cat"

11:42 AM  
Blogger goatldi said...

great variety of stuff and i do love stuff.

wonderful buttons jd and the site too.

you are going to encourage that child's parents into using her to model hand knits aren't you? they don't get much cuter!

1:02 PM  
Blogger Sharon said...

Grandkids make it worth getting this old,doncha think. And yeah - what the heck Lindsey. She nagged you to death for not posting. I know she's busy with UFOs, what what the heck in the world?!

8:55 PM  

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